All our signature flavours are used for wedding cakes or kitchen cakes, with the exception of the black forest, which, due to its delicate nature is made for our kitchen range only.

Dark chocolate mousse
A delicate chocolate sponge laced with top quality brandy liqueur and layered with our distinctive chocolate mousse.

Dark chocolate ganache
A dense, dark hand-mixed chocolate fudge cake layered with a dark chocolate ganache.

Carrot and macadamia nut
A scrumptious nutty cake using more than double the usual nut requirement. Lathered in layers of our white chocolate and cream cheese ganache.

Pineapple, coconut and poppy
A delightfully refreshing Hummingbird-style cake layered with our white chocolate and cream cheese ganache.

White chocolate fudge with mixed berry ganache
Richly textured, similar to that of a moist vanilla butter cake with layers of a mixed berry ganache that tastes surprisingly rich and sharp at the same time.

White chocolate tiramisu
A light vanilla sponge doused with a coffee and brandy liqueur sauce. Layered with a white chocolate and mascarpone mousse and lavish dustings of pure cocoa.

Owing to its delicate, albeit utterly delicious nature, we recommend this cake for the top layer only when used in a tiered cake, and we discourage the selection thereof in midsummer.

Black Forest Gateau
Dark chocolate fudge cake, generously laced with brandy and cherry liqueur. Layered with a liqueur infused Chantilly cream and a delicious sour cherry compote.

Available in the kitchen range only.