Wedding Cakes

Do you hire out cake stands even if I don’t order a cake?
Our primary offering is bespoke cakes and food styling. Our stands, therefore, are not hired out as individual items.

What is couverture chocolate and can you taste the difference?
Couverture chocolate is a French term applied to the premium quality chocolate used by the world’s finest chocolatiers. Made with the very best cocoa beans, it contains a higher percentage (32-39%) of cocoa butter, and yes, you can taste the difference.

Should I bring anything to the wedding consultation?
We encourage you to bring inspirational items such as your wedding invitation, decorative ribbons, material from your wedding gown, and magazine clips, among others, all of which can be creatively interpreted and themed into your wedding cake. Alternatively, simply arrive with an open mind and allow us to inspire you.

Do you charge for the initial wedding cake consultation and cake tasting?
No, it’s a no obligation, complimentary service. Appointments are scheduled Mondays only between 10:00 and 18:00.

Are you prepared to conduct the consultation at a venue other than your studio?
We prefer to conduct the consultation in our readily prepared studio but under exceptional/extreme circumstances the consultation can be arranged elsewhere. For appointments scheduled between our studio in Melkbosstrand and Cape Town we charge R500. For appointments further afield such as Somerset West or Stellenbosch we charge R750.

Do you have different wedding cake size options?
Our service extends to advising on the style and size of cake, correlated to your number of guests and size of venue.

What if I would like fresh flowers on my wedding cake?
We recommend that your florist provide fresh flowers. Our cake prices exclude fresh flowers but we liaise with your florist regarding your choice of blooms and set-up arrangements.

Can you liaise with my wedding planner / event manager?
Absolutely, we work in situ with your wedding planner or event manager.

What happens with the cake stand once the reception / special occasion is over?
The cake stand must be returned on the first working day following the event. Alternatively, we can arrange to collect the cake stand for an additional cost.

How much do your wedding cakes cost?
Our exquisitely crafted cakes are custom created especially for you using the finest quality, fresh ingredients and couverture chocolate. Prices vary from approximately R1 500 to R4 500, sometimes more, according to size, style, and decorative detail.

How does your payment process work?
Personal relationship with client is key to how we do business. We do not request a deposit. In the case of wedding cakes we conduct final checks with you 10-14 days before your big event. This is followed by an sms/text payment advice. In the case of kitchen cakes we send an sms/text payment advice once you’ve placed your online order. Payment can be made via electronic transfer or cash. We do not offer a credit card service